Why the Hardwood Floors is a natural choice?

Hardwood Flooring, A natural choice. . .

Natural charm

Installing a hardwood floorsr is a great way to bring nature into your home. There are different tree on hardwood floor. It has been exposed to different seasons and altering its hue and structure. The grain and colour variation on any single species of tree will be different, just like every human being is different. Installing wooden flooring into your home or project is a great way to make it unique. Furthermore, Wood is warm to the touch not cold like stone or plastic and will enhance any home, compliment any decor or style, and combine classic looks, quality to durability.

Sustainable forests

The Zoila Flooring are committed to protecting and maintaining natural communities and forests. In fact, we only source our wood from well-managed, legal and sustainable forests. We can be traced back to the forest where it as harvested which ensures it’s responsibly managed.

Natural beauty

You can choose from an extensive range of wood flooring such as traditional oak to the more exotic maple. Choose from an unparalleled range of colours and finishes to create a luxurious ambiance and warmth for your home or project.

Zoila Wood flooring is the only renewable choice of building material for flooring. Plastics are derived from fossil fuels, concrete and other forms of flooring can damage our environment through the production process.

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