maintainable flooring for Effortless living

By choosing to repurpose a building rather than demolishing it, you’re not only offering a solution to the climate change crisis but creating maintainable living environments.

Aiming to reduce personal and societal environmental impact, maintainable living promotes positive changes to counteract clime change. Maintainable living encourages us to minimise our use of the Earth’s resources, and reduce the damage of human and environmental interactions.

Whilst there is no perfect picture of maintainable living or a blueprint for achieving zero net living, there are steps we can all take. For us, maintainable living starts with maintainable design, which will always need sustainable flooring. 

If you’ve got a project coming up, help our commitment to sustaining our planet’s future by choosing a maintainable design. To help inspire you, discover how we’ve worked with architects, developers, and interior designers on large-scale residential properties to create maintainable living. 

Our roots are in refurbishing Grade I and II listed properties. Inspired by a lack of homegrown products and the quality of cheap imports, we spent several years researching and developing high-quality engineered flooring that interior designers can pick up and play with.

Since day one, we work closely with architects, contractors, fitters and interior designers to manufacture flooring that brings the artistic vision to life. By investing in innovation, we afford architects and designers new levels of imagination.

All of our engineered boards can be used for cladding walls or bar fronts to create atmosphere and transform spaces. By offering multi-purpose boards, interior designers can create cohesion and consistency by matching up the flooring with the walls and bar fronts.

By offering multi-purpose engineered flooring, we continue our commitment to providing environmentally friendly alternatives suitable for maintainable living and design. 

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