Canadian maple engineered wood flooring

One of our most popular wooden style

One of our most popular wooden style boards is Canadian Maple Flooring. This small, but perfectly selected range is proving popular with our customers, with the collection being used in more homes and projects than ever.

Our Canadian Hard Maple Flooring is AB ABCD grade; meaning the floor is in immaculate condition, and very clean. These boards are stand out in quality, with no black streaks, knots or sap wood – which you typically get with other lighter shades of hardwood flooring. This ensures the wood flooring exuberates a constant glow to really brighten up your space.

Over time, the wood will develop a soft mellow look, creating a warm floor with a tint of honey. The industrial lacquer finish that is applied, sits on the top layer of the board making it very hard wearing and durable. This lacquered finish makes it perfect for areas which expect a high footfall – such as gyms, restaurants and corridors.

It is essential however you keep these floors clean, and do not let it remain dirty for a prolonged period of time. Liquid spillages, for example, should be wiped up quickly to stop it soaking into the wood itself. Dust and light scuffs on the floor can be easily cleaned and maintained using our Bona Lacquer Maintenance kits.

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